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LSPediA Announces Release Date of OneScan 6.0 With More Features for DSCSA Compliance

WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI – June 1, 2022 – LSPediA, a leading provider of enterprise supply chain software in the pharmaceutical industry, announced the launch date its planned OneScan 6.0 release will be July 1, 2022. OneScan 6.0 features improved capabilities in traceability, interoperability, and exceptions management for DSCSA compliance. Developed through continuous market research, the newest OneScan release will incorporate latest features supporting industry initiatives from GS1 and HDA including the newly published Exception Handling Guidelines for the DSCSA. Each OneScan release undergoes LSPediA’s stringent quality process, vigorous testing process, and computer system validation. OneScan 6.0 enhances the system performance, solution capabilities, and user experience with many new features:   

  • Enhanced ATP module with Open Credentialing Initiative (OCI)  
  • New Investigator for logistics and improved UI and APIs 
  • CFR 21 Part 11 compliant Master data audit trail and user reports 
  • Expanded integration capability inclusive of csvn, JSON 

Under the FDA’s upcoming interoperability requirement, pharmaceutical companies must strengthen their ability to exchange EPCIS data and their ability to manage exceptions in the supply chain. This includes pharma wholesale giants Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen. Both companies have been staunch supporters of the OneScan  solutions, including most notably Investigator for VRS and Investigator for EPCIS.  

“Investigator is efficient, effective, and accurate. It’s accurate because the system communicates the data. There are no typos or no human intervention; no human has to type anything with their eyes getting crossed as they count the zeros in the serial numbers. Investigator is really a great system for exceptions management,” said Kelly Lacy, Product Owner, Manufacturer Operations, AmerisourceBergen. 

“We’ve seen increasing FDA activities and industry progress toward the DSCSA requirement,” said Riya Cao, CEO of LSPediA. “FDA issued the Verification System Guideline in March, 2022. HDA published Exception Handling Guidelines in May 2022. To that end, our software must support the new regulatory mandates, industry standards, and business requirements. LSPediA maintains a strong release timeline enabling new features, high performance, and improved user experience for the rapid increasing EPCIS data exchange volume. Our customers can have  peace of mind knowing that LSPediA OneScan is up-to-date on compliance and business.” 

To learn more about the OneScan solution suite, please click here. To request a OneScan Demo, please click here. Prefer to talk? Contact us today.  

About LSPediA  

LSPediA provides SaaS solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers, and healthcare providers partner with LSPediA to make, move, track, verify, and protect the drug products in their care for patient safety. LSPediA is different because our solution potential is limitless. Built with user efficiency, automation, and data security at their core, our solutions are transforming compliance and supply chain efforts. LSPediA’s OneScan VRS, EPCIS and Investigator technologies enable error-free and keyboard-free capabilities for ASN, EPCIS, VRS, issue tracking, and interoperability. For more information, call +1 (248) 973-2008, email [email protected], or visit our website at