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June 12-15, 2022 ECRM Branded Rx and Vaccine Program in Charlotte, NC 

Going to the ECRM Branded Rx and Vaccine Program  June 12-15 in Charlotte, NC? LSPediA is delighted to meet with you there.  

Our Vice President of Solutions Michael Ventura and Sales Executive Nicholas Schlaff will be there to discuss industry issues and requirements around the major changes in the pharmaceutical industry under the FDA’s DSCSA mandate. We’ll also share insights on your specific supply chain analysis for your awareness of future friction and risks forming in the horizon.  

If you don’t have a meeting with us, please click here. We’ll facilitate a meeting with you to support your initiatives of product launch, distribution/stocking, and any upcoming strategic business opportunities. For our customers who are attending, please give us a quick ping and we would love to see you there!