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EPCIS Data Exchange Webinar Series October 2021

By October 5, 2021October 28th, 2021DSCSA, Event, News, Webinar

LSPediA WebinarsWebinar Series – EPCIS

We are excited to announce our new new upcoming series on EPCIS! The EPCIS Webinar Series on October 19th and October 26th is intended to help CMOs, manufacturers, and distributors learn everything they need to know about EPCIS. The first session of this two-part series will demonstrate how an EPCIS data file is created, exchanged, processed, and verified. The second session will cover handling EPCIS alerts and exceptions, and discuss tools that facilitate this workflow. Space is limited. Register today!

Session 1: Behind the Scenes of EPCIS Data Exchange on 10/19/21

Speakers are:
  • Jay Madden, Director National Accounts, ACI Healthcare USA, Inc., Virtual Manufacturer
  • Gary Davis, Technical Operations Director, Cardinal Health, 3PL
  • Ameer Ali, Sr. Director Manufacturer Operations, AmerisourceBergen Corporation
  • Michael Ventura, VP Solutions & Innovations, LSPediA, Solution Provider
Top US wholesalers have issued supplier communications giving manufacturers until the end of 2022 to finalize EPCIS data exchange testing. Under the FDA’s Enhanced Security Requirement, no data means no distribution. This webinar demonstrates how an EPCIS data file is exchanged among multiple companies to support the Rx movement in the supply chain. We will go behind scenes to illustrate the labeling and aggregation process which support manufacturer’s EPCIS data creation. Special guest speakers will guide us through the intricacies of the EPCIS data exchange process.
  • Jay Madden, Director National Accounts from ACI Healthcare USA, Inc. (virtual manufacturer), who will share his process of receiving EPCIS data from CMOs. Then as EPCIS data exchange flows into 3PL operations, we’ll hear from…
  • Gary Davis, Technical Operations Director, from Cardinal Health 3PL, who will discuss how the EPCIS file is processed or rejected to facilitate the Rx receiving under the DSCSA requirement. Finally, as Rx arrives at the wholesaler, we’ll hear from…
  • Ameer Ali, Sr. Director Manufacturer Operations, AmerisourceBergen Corporation, who will share how EPCIS data is again verified before Rx can be stocked to inventory.
Join this webinar to travel with your EPCIS and experience the supply chain digitally.

Session 2: Managing EPCIS Alerts and Exceptions, 10/26/21

Speakers are:
  • Bill Carney, VP of Operations, Genetco, Inc., Wholesaler
  • Jeff Falardeau, Manager of Serialization and VRS Solutions, Cardinal Health, Wholesaler
  • Patrick McGinn, Senior Vice President Supply Chain Integration, Eversana, 3PL
  • Michael Ventura, VP Solutions & Innovations, LSPediA, Solution Provider
Did you know that the most common breakpoints for EPCIS data failure are at 3PLs for CMOs and at Wholesalers for Manufacturers? As a sender, how can you stay up-to-date on the success/failure status of your EPCIS data? As a receiver, how can you notify the sender, return failed data, and get valid data? Soon, FDA regulations will not allow Rx distribution associated with failing data. It’s vital that you assess your serialized data integrity and identify possible EPCIS failure points. Join this webinar to learn about: 1. the algorithms to identify EPCIS data failures 2. sending alerts for data failures 3. data correction and resubmission Eliminating your EPCIS data errors is the first step for Rx distribution. Join this webinar to understand EPCIS alerts and exceptions, and learn the tools available for this workflow. Register today!