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LSPediA Shapes the Future of Pharmaceutical Serialization with OneScan 4.0 Release

West Bloomfield, MI- July 9, 2020

LSPediA today announced the release of OneScan 4.0, LSPediA’s comprehensive DSCSA solution. This is the 4th product upgrade since its go-live date of November 2018. The new release encompasses 12 robust modules covering every DSCSA need. The OneScan suite is a true one-stop solution for Rx packaging, tracing, verification, and interoperability among trading partners with integrated EDI, EPCIS, VRS, and Investigation capabilities.

“What we’ve accomplished with OneScan 4.0 reflect’s LSPediA’s relentless innovation in the fields of compliance, performance, integration and automation. OneScan is transformational in the core of system architecture, mobility, and networkability, pushing forward a new and secure supply chain model driven by serialization,” said Riya Cao, CEO of LSPediA.

With 251 pharmaceutical customers and growing, OneScan interacts with 375 vendors and traces the movement of over 270,000 prescription drug products. As the most advanced VRS and DSCSA solution on the market, it has already performed 150,000 verifications and initiated 787 product investigations.

“The LSPediA OneScan Investigator product allows us to work smarter, manage negative verifications better, and not find it necessary to hire FTEs and throw other resources at the problem,” added Matt Sample, VP Manufacturer Operations at AmerisourceBergen Corporation.

OneScan Investigator is the only solution that solves the negative verification problem. It gives us the ability to manage suspect/illegitimate product and file FDA 3911 notifications in one place as well as solving our problem of having to deal with false negatives.

-Matt Sample, VP Manufacturer Operations- AmerisourceBergen Corporation

LSPediA conducted the FDA DSCSA Pilot Program Project focused on utilizing OneScan as the Router Service Solution for Verification/Notification and Interoperability 2023. The pilot participants were manufacturers, wholesalers, and dispenser trading partners, each comprised of anywhere between 200 employees to 100,000. Over the course of the pilot project, more than 22,000 supply chain transactions were performed effectively by the participants using the OneScan solution. The pilot project started in June 2019, concluded in October 2019, and was successfully reported to the FDA of the viability of Router Service Technology for DSCSA.

OneScan’s turnkey compliance, coupled with its automation-driven architecture, enables customers to meet all DSCSA requirements and transition to 2023 interoperability smoothly and easily. “At Kowa we try to instill in our employees across the board a mindset to focus on patients and pharmacies.” stated Ken Riester, VP Trade & Supply Chain at Kowa Pharmaceuticals America Inc. “OneScan is so elegantly designed it lets us stay lean in our organization to implement DSCSA requirements for supply chain security.”

Request a OneScan demo today or learn more about the OneScan suite here.

About LSPediA – Life Sciences Solutions:

LSPediA provides SaaS solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers, and healthcare providers partner with LSPediA to make, move, track, verify, and protect the drug products in their care for patient safety.

LSPediA is different because our solution potential is limitless. Built with user efficiency, automation, and data security at their core, our solutions are transforming compliance and supply chain efforts. LSPediA’s OneScan VRS, EPCIS and Investigator technologies enable error-free and keyboard-free capabilities for ASN, EPCIS, VRS, issue tracking, and interoperability. For more information, call +1 (248) 973-2008, email [email protected], or visit our website at