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Ready to gain DSCSA insights and best practices for improving your pharmaceutical business and meeting FDA regulations? Join us in San Diego, March 9-11, for the Distribution Management Conference (DMC) and Expo, presented by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA).

LSPediA’s Michael Ventura, VP of Solutions, will present the results of LSPediA’s FDA DSCSA Pilot Program project, Router Service Solution for Verification/Notification and Interoperability 2023. Michael will explain LSPediA’s collaboration with manufacturers, wholesalers, and dispensers. The pilot identified the critical points in the supply chain activities where verifications and interoperability are performed using the unique product identifier. Attend the presentation to learn about:

  1. How OneScan helped meet FDA verification/notification and interoperability goals
  2. Why many “good” products failed verification due to barcode anomalies
  3. Our recommendations to improve labeling practices and overcome SOP gaps

While you’re at HDA DMC, please stop by booth 101 to talk to our industry subject experts:

  • Michael Ventura, VP Solutions and Innovations
  • Andy Meyer, Director of Supply Chain
  • Brian Baughman, Sales Executive
  • Riya Cao, CEO

Throw your challenges, barriers, and headaches to us. We have some good options for you to evaluate. As usual, live demoes are available. See, touch, and use RxChain and OneScan live for serialization, verification, and enhanced issue tracking needs.

Want to talk one-on-one with us? To request a meeting, you can grab a time on the LSP calendar here.

Plus, we’ll enter you for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! We’ll be raffling off cards March 9, 10, and 11.

DMC is the HDA’s largest supply chain education event, attended by more than 500 manufacturers, distributors, consultants and third parties—and we hope to see you there! If you’re not attending DMC, contact us any time to learn more about LSPediA.