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The 2020 DSCSA Headquarters: The New

You’re All-In on DSCSA in 2020—and So are We

Your business is going to have a busy 2020: meeting deadlines, complying with requirements, changing business processes—all while meeting customer needs as well. We want to help you make it all successful.

To that end, we’ve made some deep and dynamic changes to our website, with the goal of giving you more educational content, industry analysis, and insightful breakdowns of every DSCSA mandate and communication from the FDA.

Here’s a just sample of some of the best practice articles and timely commentary we have to offer:

Track your DSCSA progress: Read our analysis of the recent FDA Guidance Document for wholesale distributor verification requirement to find out:

  • The requirements are being enforced in 2020 and why you can’t relax your efforts.
  • The industry trend and process for you to stay ahead of deadlines and meet your SLA obligations.
  • The solution capabilities will best help you identify, quarantine, investigate, report, and facilitate the investigation of suspect products.

Understand all FDA mandates from the ground up with our DSCSA 101 materials, which include:

  • A compliance supplier letter, communicates trading partners’ DSCSA implementation plan using LSPediA as their DSCSA solution provider for EPCIS and VRS.
  • Information about the FDA’s pilot program for tracking end-to-end supply chain transactions, and the critical role LSPediA played in testing and developing standards.
  • A complete rundown of DSCSA requirements for manufacturers, distributors, and dispensers.

Get a DSCSA solutions overview. The right tools can deliver compliance, business efficiencies, and ROI. Learn how:

  • Companies can overcome the challenges of serialization compliance while adding value to their daily operations using RxChain.
  • The most advanced VRS solution on the market—OneScan—combines powerful technology with a turnkey compliance architecture to deliver performance and interoperability.

Read industry success stories. See how pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors have gotten ahead of DSCSA requirements and found business efficiencies using our solutions.


Partner with LSPediA for DSCSA Guidance and Supply Chain Efficiency  

LSPediA can help you on your journey, ensuring you meet all compliance requirements and deadlines, and guiding you toward comprehensive business efficiency. Contact us today or request a demo to see how the right partner—and solutions like RXChain and OneScan™ VRS—can make all the difference. Learn to work smarter, reduce waste, and generate profitability.