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In April of 2019, LSPediA was selected by the FDA to participate in the FDA DSCSA Pilot Project Program, focusing on utilizing LSPediA’s OneScan Solution for Verification, Notification, and Interoperability. Participants in the LSPediA FDA Pilot were Top 10 wholesale distributors, brand and generic manufacturers, and dispensers. The FDA VRS Pilot was successfully completed on November 15, 2019. Watch our short video to learn more about the pilot program and our findings. LSPediA plans to publish the Final Pilot Report in January.


Partner with LSPediA for DSCSA Guidance and Supply Chain Efficiency  

LSPediA can help you on your journey, ensuring you meet all compliance requirements and deadlines, and guiding you toward comprehensive business efficiency. Contact us today or request a demo to see how the right partner—and solutions like RXChain and OneScan™ VRS—can make all the difference. Learn to work smarter, reduce waste, and generate profitability.