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LSPediA Provides Investigator Training to Customers for DSCSA November 2019 Enforcement

LSPediA announced three training sessions on how to use the Investigator to meet November 2019’s DSCSA Verification requirement. Starting November 27, 2019, manufacturers must respond to serial verification in 24 hours, manage negative verifications with compliant investigation process, and report 3911 for illegitimate products. In addition, wholesale distributors must verify suspect and illegitimate products, manage corresponding investigations, and report 3911 as required. LSPediA’s training will address these mandates utilizing the Investigator solution. Customers will learn to use the Investigator’s automated workflow to manage the following soon to be enforced verification segments:

  1. DSCSA 582 (c)(4)(A) – Conducting suspect product investigations
  2. DSCSA 582 (c)(4)(B) – Initiate, follow up, or terminate 3911 FDA reporting
  3. DSCSA 582 (c)(4)(C) – Request and respond to request and share data with trading partners

Among the above topics, customers will also learn how to manage recalls, cargo thefts, and trading partner communications. The training is offered on:

  1. Tuesday 10/8 at 1:30 pm EDT
  2. Tuesday 10/15 at 1:30 pm EDT
  3. Tuesday 10/22 at 1:30 pm EDT

For customers who has not received the training email, please select your preferred training session and Register for Investigator Training.