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Top 10 Wholesaler Selects LSPediA VRS to Meet 2019 DSCSA Saleable Returns Rule

Saleable VRSOne of the country’s Top 10 wholesale distributors selected LSPediA Inc. to provide drug verification services to meet the 2019 saleable returns requirement of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act(DSCSA).

The 2019 verification is a step further from the 2018 serialization requirement, mandating the utilization for the serialize 2D barcode on the drug package to be utilized in the supply chain. It is a milestone and a critical step toward the 2023 Interoperability requirement. Starting November 2019, wholesale distributors must verify the authenticity of the prescription drug by scanning (or enter data of) 2D barcode. Before a good product can be restocked for resale, it must be verified to weed out the bad seed and counterfeits.

The wholesaler  selected LSPediA’s VRS solution and EPCIS solution because of their full solution functionality, superior sub-second performance, and unmatched exceptions management capability. Packed with automation, data collection, and integration capabilities, LSPediA solution gives the operations the efficiency save time, reduce waste, and work smarter. Furthermore, LSPediA’s industry expertise, turnkey compliance, and exceptional customer service removed any concerns and worries of keeping up with compliance and new regulations.

“As requirements in our industry grow more and more complex, we are working to implement solutions that enable our supply chain operations for compliance and efficiency. Meanwhile, we want to provide our customers with the compliance tools they need for their upcoming 2020 DSCDSA verification requirement. LSPediA aligns perfectly with our aspiration and plans. We are pleased to integrate LSPediA’s OneScan and RxChain solution in our company technology stack.” said the company executive.

The VRS implementation is scheduled to start in July, with supplier on-boarding activities beginning in August. Following the VRS implementation, the wholesaler plans to implement LSPediA’s EPCIS system, starting to receive serialized shipment data from able pharmaceutical manufacturers, and transition to serialized shipping for outbound orders.

“LSPediA has the largest VRS industry coverage and the most comprehensive DSCSA solution. Utilizing the power of the scan for supply chain transactions is where we excel. Saleable returns operation is a natural fit for our product suite. We are honored to be the solution provider who contributes to improve the safety of the US drug supply chain.” said Riya Cao, CEO of LSPediA.

About LSPediA – Life Sciences Solutions

LSPediA is a leading supply chain software provider for the pharmaceutical industry. LSPediA’s serialization solution RxChain enables pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers to manage data, distribute products, and track inventory at the serialized level. LSPediA’s Verification Router Service enables authorized trading partners to authenticate serialized products, verify returns, and deter counterfeiting.

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