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LSPediA VRS Manages Exceptions

By June 11, 2019July 25th, 2019Uncategorized

When a serialized product is scanned, the likelihood that a Verification Router Service solution will return a negative response is very high. Why? Because the quality of many 2D barcodes is far from perfect.

In 2018, the GS1 barcode study discovered that only 6.6 percent of 2D barcodes were GS1 compliant, leaving 93.4 percent of products with potential negative verifications. More recently, a team of engineers from LSPediA conducted our own inventory scan in April and found that one out of every three serialized products still fail the GS1 standard.

Don’t Lose Saleable Returns to Negative Verifications

That’s a lot of lost sales.

All those products with negative verifications can’t be put back in stock. That’s a lot of lost sales. To guard against that potential loss and disruption, an effective VRS solution should offer functionality that can quickly and efficiently deal with negative verifications.

Failures with 2D barcode reading are happening every day in every warehouse. In addition, distributors can’t disregard those negatives. They will need to spend time calling or emailing the brand owners to sort out the good products from the bad products. Manufacturers, on the other hand, will need to spend time manually managing these verification calls and emails from their distributor customers. This is exactly the problem that VRS was created to prevent:

  1. Manual verification that requires extended staff resources and documentation;
  2. Supply shortages when unverified returned products can’t be resold;
  3. Significant product waste that taxes all trading partners involved, and the environment.

That’s why LSPediA has built workflow for exceptions management directly into our OneScan® VRS solution with Investigator®. Our software can sort the exceptions by reason and use the feedback loop from manufacturers to identify good products from the bad. The best part is that it’s built into the software.

Audit Trail: All verifications are captured and recorded for record keeping, including the positives and negatives.

Email Alerts: In the case of a negative scan, an email alert is sent to the brand owner to initiate their workflow to clear good products.

Compared with the other VRS solutions on the market now, LSPediA’s VRS and its web portal offers the most complete and robust approach for handling all aspects of verifying returned products. Verifier® creates a safe, secure and fully documented record to show that suspect items have been properly handled.

About LSPediA – Life Sciences Solutions

LSPediA is a leading supply chain software provider for the pharmaceutical industry. LSPediA’s serialization solution RxChain enables pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers to manage data, distribute products, and track inventory at the serialized level. LSPediA’s OneScan® Verification Router Service enables authorized trading partners to authenticate serialized products, verify returns, and deter counterfeiting.

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