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Countdown to Saleable Returns: Are You Ready? We Are!

By June 11, 2019July 25th, 2019DSCSA, Industry Insight, VRS

Is everybody ready to handle saleable returns this fall?

Remember: On Nov. 27, the latest DSCSA requirement kicks in that requires all wholesale distributors to verify saleable returns with the manufacturer. After that, if you don’t have a working, compatible system such as a VRS for saleable returns to exchange product identifiers with your trading partners, you’ll lose access to the $11 billion annual market in selling returned drugs.

As this handy countdown timer shows, that leaves you about 168 days to get your verification system together. That’s less than six months – a scant 24 weeks, including the Fourth of July, summer vacations, Labor Day and all the other summertime distractions that pop up in the workplace.

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