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New LSPediA and VAI Partnership Offers Powerhouse ERP/VRS/Serialization Suite to Pharmaceutical Distributors

Farmington Hills, Michigan, May 29, 2018 – LSPediA Inc., a leading software and service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, today announced a strategic partnership agreement with VAI of Ronkonkoma, New York, a leading ERP software developer.

Integrated VAI and LSPediA offers one-stop shopping for ERP and DSCSA. Integrating with LSPediA’s Verification Router Service expands the capability of VAI’s S2K Pharma ERP Software to meet the DSCSA 2019 saleable returns requirement and the 2023 interoperability requirement. VAI’s customers can perform product verification in real time with sub-second response directly from the S2K application without additional steps or systems.

“LSPediA has the largest VRS industry coverage and the most complete DSCSA solution. The partnership with VAI combines two powerful solutions to create a one-stop shopping powerhouse for supply chain automation and turnkey compliance.” said Riya Cao, CEO of LSPediA. “We now can get customers up and running quickly in an integrated environment to support their complex pharmaceutical distribution and meet their DSCSA requirements.”

Integrated VAI and LSPediA offers one-stop shopping for ERP and DSCSA.“Our partnership with LSPediA will allow VAI pharmaceutical distribution customers to have a built-in verification router service solution for DSCSA compliance,” said Maggie Kelleher, Director of Business Development at VAI. “This is especially important timing for our wholesale drug distributors, who have just months to prepare for the FDA’s November 2019 deadline for verifying saleable returns. Under provisions of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), our customers must demonstrate that they are verifying each product identifier on all restocked returns. We’re excited and looking forward to working side by side with LSPediA to ensure our customers are FDA compliant.”

Added Michael Ventura, LSPediA Vice President, Solutions and Innovations: “The partnership allows our customers to seamlessly process serialized returns, put salable product back into stock, and manage exceptions and investigations.  The DSCSA requirement is a significant hurdle for pharmaceutical companies. We are thrilled to partner with VAI to help our customers adapt verification technology quickly and convert disruption into competitive advantage.”

About VAI

VAI is a leading mid-market ERP software developer renowned for its flexible solutions that offer tremendous value and automate critical business functions for the distribution, manufacturing, specialty retail, and service sectors. VAI has worked with technology leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Zebra to deliver quality hardware and software solutions that address key industry requirements and deliver bottom-line results. Over the years, VAI has emerged as a software leader in the industry by helping some of the industry’s most recognized companies improve efficiencies and responsiveness. VAI continues to innovate with new solutions that leverage analytics, business intelligence, mobility, and cloud technology to help customers achieve business excellence.

About LSPediA – Life Sciences Solutions

LSPediA is a leading supply chain software provider for the pharmaceutical industry. LSPediA’s serialization solution RxChain enables pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers to manage data, distribute products, and track inventory at the serialized level. LSPediA’s Verification Router Service enables authorized trading partners to authenticate serialized products, verify returns, and deter counterfeiting.

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