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Here’s Your Chance to Upgrade from Outdated Track-And-Trace Solutions

Is your serialization contract up for renewal? Wait. What are your options?

Three years ago, when manufacturers and distributors first attempted to comply with the DSCSA, there were limited choices. Many pharma companies had few options and settled on the software that was available at the time, unknowingly opening the flood gate to multiple risks:

  1. Untimely shutdowns because of bug fixes, patches, upgrades;
  2. Mismatched data or data missing from manual uploads and downloads;
  3. Validation nightmares in trying to keep up with unwanted coding changes.

As one LSPediA client explains, the frequent patches, bug fixes, manual data loads, and lack of customer service was not good for business. Nine months before the contract was set to renew, the company set out to find a DSCSA serialization solution that more closely aligned to the business.

LSPediA replaces Legacy Track-and-Trace Solution

Say goodbye to forced upgrades, bug patches and downtime with RxChain.

The company selected LSPediA’s RxChain for DSCSA compliance and EPCIS serialization system. RxChain® Cloud and RxChain® Mobile Apps offer robust capabilities for product serialization, lot tracing, serial tracing, and serialized distribution. The end-to-end serial traceability RxChain® offers valuable supply chain visibility and turnkey compliance.

LSPediA lowered the overall DSCSA serialization costs for this client in several ways, and we can help you to do the same. Here are the three reasons leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesale distributor switched to LSPediA:

  1. LSPediA’s single-tenant cloud architecture gives you complete control of its own environment so you can integrate one up and one down with your trading partners;
  2. LSPediA’s high-availability private cloud keeps packaging and distribution operation running without disruptions;
  3. No more validate nightmares, no more forced upgrades or patches.

“LSPediA was the most appealing in software strength and value,” our client said, “The software, hardware, support, and services are bundled in a fixed annual payment. There were no hidden fees or unexpected charges during the implementation and after go-live. The partnership with LSPediA adds value to our compliance, our business efficiency, and our growth.”

Before your contract renewal, consider your options.Click here to learn more about LSPediA’s replacement program for your integrated DSCSA solution.

About LSPediA – Life Sciences Solutions

LSPediA is a leading supply chain software provider for the pharmaceutical industry. LSPediA’s serialization solution RxChain enables pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers to manage data, distribute products, and track inventory at the serialized level. LSPediA’s Verification Router Service enables authorized trading partners to authenticate serialized products, verify returns, and deter counterfeiting.

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