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Case Study: LSPediA Supports Distributor/Repackager’s DSCSA Compliance with Best Solution at Lowest Cost

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Located in Tucson, Arizona, St. Mary’s packages and distributes more than 500 serialized unit-of-use occupational medicines to more than 450 clinics in more than 35 states.

“Compliance is the core of St. Mary’s company values and is baked-in to our everyday operations,” says Frank Juliano, PharmD, Vice President of Pharmacy Services for St. Mary’s. “The DSCSA brought significant challenges to us because of our unique business model. Our business takes on dual roles in the pharmaceutical supply chain as a wholesale distributor and a repackager. We needed a solution that could meet our unique needs while providing 100 percent compliance with the FDA requirements.”

DSCSA Serialization Requirement Causes Leading Distributor/Repackager To Replace Large Track-and-Trace Vendor

A serialization solution that provides turnkey DSCSA compliance.

The company’s DSCSA compliance requirement soon outpaced its incumbent track-and-trace solution from a large legacy provider. The track-and-trace solution’s multi-tenant architecture forced St. Mary’s to make untimely upgrades, causing disruptions in the operation. The frequent patches, bug fixes, manual data loads, and lack of customer service resulted in an increased workload.

St. Mary’s set out to find an DSCSA serialization software solution that more closely aligned with its distribution and repackaging business while also providing turnkey DSCSA compliance.

Lowest-cost DSCSA solution

St. Mary’s selected LSPediA’s RxChain® for DSCSA compliance and EPICS serialization system. RxChain® Cloud and RxChain® Mobile Apps offer robust capabilities for product serialization, lot tracing, serial tracing, and serialized distribution. The end-to-end serial traceability brings valuable data input to St. Mary’s distribution business as well as inventory management at the clinic locations.

“LSPediA was the most appealing in software strength and value,” Juliano says. “The software, hardware, support, and services are bundled in a fixed annual payment. There were no hidden fees or unexpected charges during the implementation and after go-live. LSPediA’s solution is now ingrained in our daily operations.”

LSPediA lowered St. Mary’s overall DSCSA serialization costs in several ways. First, LSPediA’s single-tenant cloud architecture gave St. Mary’s complete control of its own environment, with no more unwanted upgrades and patches. Second, LSPediA’s high availability private cloud keeps St. Mary’s business operation running without disruptions. Finally, automated data loads and excellent customer service replaced the third-party support service, further reducing the cost of serialization.

Adds Juliano: “The partnership with LSPediA adds value to our compliance, our business efficiency, and our growth.”

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 About LSPediA – Life Sciences Solutions

LSPediA is a leading supply chain software provider for the pharmaceutical industry. LSPediA’s serialization solution RxChain enables pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers to manage data, distribute products, and track inventory at the serialized level. LSPediA’s Verification Router Service enables authorized trading partners to authenticate serialized products, verify returns, and deter counterfeiting.

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