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New Webinar: How To Make LSPediA’s FDA DSCSA Pilot Program Work for You

By May 2, 2019September 5th, 2019Company News, DSCSA, Track and Trace, Uncategorized, VRS

LSPediA is encouraging all members, large and small, in the pharmaceutical supply chain to learn how they can participate and benefit from its FDA DSCSA Pilot Program by registering for a special FDA Pilot Webinar on May 28 and May 30.

Registration is available here.

The four-month pilot program kicks off by July 1 to demonstrate how Verification Router Service can be deployed to keep counterfeit drugs out of the drug supply chain and meet the FDA’s stringent 2023 interoperability deadline.

The FDA DSCSA Pilot Program will collect key performance data, identify challenges, and recommend best practices to help pharma trading partners meet the FDA’s stringent 2023 deadline for a fully interoperable trading system. The pilot is designed to mirror the real-world supply chain with end-to-end testing by the smallest and largest pharmaceutical trading partners.

Cost-effective verification

Early in the development of its Verifier® Verification Router Service, LSPediA recognized that VRS technology also has the capacity to provide an exceptionally cost-effective way to utilize the product identifier for verification that deters counterfeiting and diversion.

  • LSPediA’s pilot project is designed to identify the strategic points of the supply chain where a serialized drug product should be verified and traced to build a chain of custody;
  • The pilot includes end-to-end testing with trading partners performing verification and tracing transactions utilizing the unique product identifier;
  • The process will also use VRS to verify suspect products to deter counterfeiting and notify the FDA and trading partners when suspect and illegitimate product are identified;
  • LSPediA will report findings and recommendations throughout the four-month program.

More information about the program is available here, or you can email [email protected]. Applications to join the pilot are available here.