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Meet Us at Table 11 at the HDA Traceability Seminar October 17-19, Washington, D.C.

The Traceability Seminar, hosted by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) will take place in less than one month on October 17th-19th in Washington, D.C.

LSPediA is proud to sponsor this very important seminar, which is bringing together pharmaceutical supply chain colleagues, service providers, government regulators, and traceability experts for three days of conversation, networking, and presentations.

If you are coming to the conference, I encourage you to stop by Table 11 to meet our very own Riya Cao and John Veit. In addition, you can test drive our latest products and hear our serialization stories. Here’s what we have to offer:

  1. Demo RxChain, from LSPediA. Our latest DSCSA solution is an interoperable track-n-trace and serialization supply chain solution. Our manufacturer and wholesale distributor customers use RxChain to:
    • Exchange serial data with suppliers and customers
    • Perform serialized receiving and aggregated shipping
    • Rework aggregation, reconcile serial inventory, and verify returns
    • Meet 2018, 2019, and 2023 compliance requirements
  2. Discuss your serialization project. We’d love to schedule a brief meeting to understand your challenges and needs around DSCSA requirements. To request a meeting, please email [email protected].
  3. Discuss our upcoming Supply Chain Dashboard and VRS solutions.
Partner with LSPediA for DSCSA Compliance and a Competitive Edge

Complying with regulations and meeting standards around serialization and traceability is a complicated task. It’s also one of the most important tasks your business undertakes. Your reputation with partners and patients, and your bottom line, are all at stake.

If you need a guide to get you started and see you through to DSCSA compliance, contact LSPediA. We can ensure you understand and successfully implement GS1 standards, a DSCSA strategy, and serialization solutions. And along the way, your business will benefit from additional efficiencies around process improvement and better use of resources.