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Deadline Looming, Protect Your Investment | $2500 Credit Toward DSCSA Software Purchase

By May 31, 2018September 28th, 2018Company News, Customers, DSCSA, News, Track and Trace

The DSCSA Serialization Deadline is November 27, 2018, only 6 months away. Non-compliance and system gaps can disrupt your supply chain and jeopardize your business continuity.

What are the Requirements

Manufacturers and Repackagers must affix or print Product Identifiers (PI) on smallest saleable packages and homogenous cases by November 27, 2018. The PI shall conform to the FDA Standard Numerical Identifier (SNI) requirement. The PI shall contain four elements, GTIN with embedded NDC, Lot Number, Serial Number, and the Expiration Date.

What is the Solution

The ability to meet FDA compliance standards while also driving business efficiency is the key to success in the stringent and competitive pharmaceutical market place. By providing a robust serialization platform, LSPediA takes on the heavy lifting associated with serialized operations and frees the customers to focus on their core business and future growth.

LSPediA RxChain Standard Edition

RxChain® Standard Edition Offers a Complete Solution to your Serialization Needs

LSPediA Offer

For a limited time only, act now and receive a $2500 credit toward your software purchase. To learn more about our turnkey solution for meeting DSCSA compliance, please send [email protected] any questions or requests and provide a DSCSA contact for your organization.