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The Supply Chain Behind Your Feast, Plus Industry News – Happy Thanksgiving from LSPediA!

By November 22, 2017March 2nd, 2021Company News, DSCSA, News, Serialization, Track and Trace, Uncategorized

What do these stats have in common: 730 million, 16 pounds, 16,000 truckloads? They’re the numbers behind the supply chain that helps get turkeys to American tables ever year. Get all the details here.

After you’ve brushed up on those turkey logistics, catch up on some industry news with the links below. Then enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

Feast on Some Industry News

Top Five Trends Influencing Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industry Growth: With the overlap in pharmaceutical products and medical device technologies and about half of all manufacturers in both industries turning to contract services, now is the time to invest in new solutions to improve operations and to keep up with the new direction the industry is taking.

Can Blockchain Technology Protect Us From Counterfeit Drugs? Pharma supply chain partners are engaged in pilot programs and studies to explore blockchain as a solution for DSCSA compliance.

Don’t Delay on Serialization: Savvy pharma companies will use the U.S. DSCSA enforcement postponement for enhanced — not deferred — implementation of track and trace systems.

Global Pharma Market Increases Need For Track-And-Trace: One in four medicines available in developing countries, and 50 percent of products ordered online, are fake. In response, more than 75 percent of the world’s medications will be protected by legislation during the next two years.