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Anda Engages LSPediA for DSCSA Serialization Excellence

By August 1, 2017February 21st, 2019Company News, DSCSA, News, Serialization

LSPediA LLC, a leading software and service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, today announced a six-year agreement with Anda Incorporated, a leading wholesale distributor of pharmaceuticals and specialty products in the U.S. LSPediA will provide services in areas of DSCSA and serialization.

Headquartered in Florida with distribution center in Florida and Mississippi, Anda took on a leadership role in meeting Florida’s Pedigree provision and the DSCSA product tracing requirement in 2015. The company implemented comprehensive communications initiatives, successfully bringing together customers and suppliers to collaborate on supply chain security. Furthermore, Anda was one of the first wholesale distributors to advance compliance technology by developing AndaNet, a product tracing web portal. Through Andanet, thousands of Anda’s pharmacy and clinical customers search, retrieve, and trace sales orders and shipments every day.

“Anda has a long history of meeting stringent regulatory compliance and delivering exceptional customer service.” said Riya Cao, CEO, LSPediA. “We truly value our long-term partnership in this vital project. Our goal is to drive the planning and execution for DSCSA compliance, and find efficiencies in their pharmaceutical supply chain on the way. We’re looking forward to equipping them with the tools and technologies that will help improve patient safety in the healthcare ecosystem.”

Continuing to lead the way in providing outstanding customer service while driving patient safety improvements, Anda is taking the next step toward achieving business-wide DSCSA serialization compliance ahead of the 2019 and 2023 deadline. LSPediA will work closely with Anda’s cross functional team in supply chain, quality, and IT to establish the business process and system process to meeting serialization and DSCSA compliance requirements. As the DSCSA progresses in its requirement in the next six years, LSPediA will continue to support the DSCSA capacities:

  • Sourcing and shipping serialized products
  • Authenticating returned resalable drug products
  • Running a serialized supply chain operation without shipment interruptions

About Anda Inc.

Anda, part of Teva Pharmaceuticals, is a leading national distributor of pharmaceutical and specialty products to chain and independent pharmacies, alternate care providers, hospitals, clinics and physicians. Established in 1992 and stocking more than 11,000 products from 300+ generic and brand manufacturers, Anda provides customized distribution programs, technology solutions and exceptional service to customers. Anda has two distribution centers located in Olive Branch, Mississippi and Weston, Florida. Learn more at

About LSPediA – Life Sciences Solutions

LSPediA is a leading provider of enterprise software and services designed for pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and dispensers. With LSPediA, customers can better implement serialization and aggregation processes to meet global regulations, DSCSA requirements, and future track-and-trace mandates.

For more information about LSPediA, call +1 (248) 973-2008, email [email protected], or visit our website at