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Turkey Logistics and a Cornucopia of Industry News – Happy Thanksgiving from LSPediA!

By November 21, 2016March 2nd, 2021DSCSA, News

We get it: It’s a holiday week, and thoughts of Thursday’s turkey and mashed potatoes are making it hard to focus on serialization and traceability requirements. We’re helping you out on all fronts by sharing some pertinent pharmaceutical industry news items, and some little known facts on the work behind getting turkeys to the table through the Thanksgiving supply chain. Enjoy the week!

Give Thanks for the Thanksgiving Supply Chain

Most of us don’t raise our own turkeys or grow our own sweet potatoes and cranberries. When Thanksgiving rolls around, we’re dependent on a distribution network to bring the feast to us – or our grocery stores.

Did you know:

  • The average American will travel 550 miles roundtrip during Thanksgiving.
  • For that same meal, each ingredient will travel an average of 1,500 to 2,500 miles from farm to table.

Learn more about the logistics behind our Thanksgiving feasts.

Feast on Some Industry News

GS1 updates guidance for US drug traceability: With just 12 months to go until medicine packs in the US need to be serialized, standards body GS1 has published a new guide to help companies prepare.

Study Identifies Recommendations to Meet 2019 DSCSA Requirements: The Healthcare Distribution Alliance presented the results of its Pilot Study for Saleable Returns, which recommended two scenarios that would help pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors comply with DSCSA requirements.

Tackling the Drug Supply Chain Security Act in 2017: Automation World looks at how pharmaceutical manufacturers are coping and complying with new item-level traceability requirements.

Implementing Serialization – Q&A with American Health Packaging: Chris Purdy, Manager of Engineering at American Health Packaging, answers questions about how serialization is impacting the industry.


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