Global Serialization Deadlines Approaching

By August 4, 2015April 30th, 2018Serialization, Upcoming Events

Serialization is  a global phenomenon. Various countries, representing more than 70% of the world population, have legislation or laws that govern the drug supply chain. The first wave of serialization in the global markets started with Turkey and Argentina in 2009. It was soon followed by China, South Korea, US, and Brazil. The new deadlines from these countries are quickly approaching.  Email [email protected] if you need help to sort them out.

Markets Regulatory Requirement Deadline
Saudi Arabia 2D Labels March 2015
United States DSCSA Product Trace for dispensers Delayed to Nov. 2015
China All imports with barcode, aggregation, and data reporting to central data repository December
South Korea Essential drug list products serialized and aggregated December 2015
Brazil 3 Lots December 2015