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LSPediA Offers Serialization Gap Analysis Service

By May 8, 2013February 21st, 2019Company News, Wordpress Themes

The serialization and ePedigree project has many touch points with various operations.  Approaching the project without a proper plan and the skillful project management bears the risk of scope creep, budget overrun, and project overdue. LSPediA offers a phased approach to ensure that customers have complete control over the scope and the budget.

We start with a Gap Analysis engagement, then proceed to a controlled Pilot Program, finally scale it to the Production Program. The Gap Analysis identifies your stage of implementation and the remaining tasks, defines requirements, and provides clear and tangible deliverables:

  • Serialization business requirements
  • Gap Analysis Report
  • Serialization road map
  • Pilot plan

Our professional services will ensure you are quickly getting off on the right foot for those next critical steps in planning, executing, and properly allocating resources to the Pilot and Production implementations.