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LSPediA Publishes Serialization and ePedigree Whitepapper

By May 3, 2013May 16th, 2019Company News, Wordpress Themes

Effective January 1, 2015, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors are required by the California Pharmacy Pedigree Law to ship serialized products and track the product movement using ePedigree communications. Wholesalers and distributors have asked the manufacturers to ship serialized products beginning on June 1, 2014 to allow six months for the inventory turn.

Successfully implementing serialization is strategically important to pharmaceutical and biotechnologies companies. Serialization is not only a compliance requirement but also a business enabler for the leading edge companies to take market share.

This whitepaper describes the California Pharmacy Pedigree law, outlines the law’s requirements, explains the mandate from the wholesalers and distributors, and presents the critical elements required for solution implementations.

The industry concurs that serialization is the clear and present necessity that is driven by compliance and sustained by its business values. To learn more about serialization and ePedigree, please download the whitepaper.